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Let Go-Just Be and Become
You are a powerful creator with infinite possibilities

Love Your Self!
Wherever you are in this moment is exactly where you are supposed to be
No matter how things look, seem or feel.
For in a perfectly evolving Universe, could it be any other way?

When you know you are doing your very best
Within the circumstances of your existence….Applaud yourself!

There are none to compare your Self to, and none to compete with, and there never were!
When the rose and the lotus flower are side by side,
Is one more beautiful than the other?

When you awaken to who and what you are, everyone automatically awakens to who
And what you are without a word spoken.

Life is painful when you attach yourself to models of how it’s supposed to be,
Because pain is simply the difference between “what is” and what you want IT to be!

You stand outside the circle of life and wonder WHY…..
Why you feel left out,
Unaware that you need ONLY your OWN permission
To join the others……not theirs!

Your loneliness is your Self, wanting to make friends with its Self!
Your loneliness is your Heart, wanting to sing to itself!
Your loneliness is your Being-ness, wanting to love its Self!

Behind all your anger, fear, shame and loss,
Beneath all your sadness and pain…..is the need for love!
How much love are you willing to accept from others?
How much are you willing to give to others?

Know that you are loved, even if you don’t know it!
For you are a Being of light and love,
A child of God, and one with the entire Universe!

Each day comes bearing GIFTS;
All you have to do……is untie the ribbons!

Author Unknown