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Spiritual Life Coaching

Do you feel out of sync with your inner self? Do you struggle with the life you have created?

Are you challenged in relationships, money, health or weight?


You have the power to realize your divine potential.

You can train your mind to be in balance with your Spirit.

Congratulate yourself, for this is the beginning of the next level of spiritual awareness for you.


Your thoughts and your actions create your life. You can take command of your thoughts and actions so that you take positive steps towards the life of your dreams. You are perfect in your own special way.

We live in the energy of free will. That is wonderful news because, you can make choices to follow a path of ease, joy and grace honoring the amazing soul that you are. I will stand by your side and guide you to your vision.

I am here for those who are seeking self-empowerment. As your Spiritual Life coach I am learning what you aspire to be. I am committed to work in the energy of love with absolute integrity. You can feel safe with me because my Spirit is unconditionally accepting.

As you share with me experiences that you have never shared with anyone else, my job is to absolve you of any guilt you may still carry, because my Spirit is unconditionally loving.

I will not interfere with your life choices, make choices for you, or brand your choices wrong, because my Spirit is unconditionally loving.

My intent is to help you create a balanced and productive life. I will listen to you and accept your, less than perfect behavior, because my Spirit is unconditionally loving.

I will continue to educate myself so that I keep expanding my knowledge of the “whys” behind human behavior, because my Spirit is wise and ever expanding.

I will do all that I can to help you create the life you want. To “listen” another’s soul into a condition of discovery may be the greatest service that any human Being ever performs for another.

My spirit knows that you are loved for whom you really are, a perfect adult of Infinite Being filled with Pure Source energy.


The Seven Spiritual Truths

You have never made a mistake because…….you are incapable of error or failure.

Most of your core foundational beliefs are rooted in….FEAR

You have no enemies…..just lessons.

As you spiritually ascend with truth, you bring to you more of your ego-based….avoidance patterns.

You are never alone because…….God is always with you

Your Spiritual growth requires…….ACTION

You have….God-like abilities.


$75.00 for a 60 minute session
$650.00 for 10 – 60 minute sessions
If you are planning on signing up for 10 sessions, please call to set up your session times. You can pay at paypal by typing in: laurie@senty.com

You can call me to book a session, or book online. If you book online, please include the phone number you would like me to call for your session. I will call you at that number.

There is a box that you can type in any information you would like me to know before your session. You can also email me with information at ljsenty@gmail.com

If you are booking for an in person session, please type that you will have your session at my office. There  is a space provided at the online booking site.

Feel free to call for a ten minute consultation so we can talk about what would be best for you. You can also e-mail me at ljsenty@gmail.com